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How To Programmatically Post To Facebook Wall Using Graph API & PHP-SDK

We have already told you how to programmatically post to an user’s Facebook Wall via Graph API and CURL and  without using PHP-SDK. Well, In this article we will show you how to build and attachment for the Facebook Wall Post and post it to any user’s Facebook wall using the PHP-SDK and the Graph…

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By Debjit

How To Programmatically Post To Facebook Wall Via Graph API But Without Using PHP-SDK

Posting content on an user’s Facebook wall is very easy using the PHP-SDK. However on various situations you might be required to do a wall post to an user without making use of the PHP-SDK and by directly accessing the Graph API URL. We will be using a PHP utility called CURL in order to…

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By Debjit

“Facebook posts are constitutionally protected speech”

A federal magistrate in the US today ruled that a Facebook posts falls under the First Amendment, which provides for free speech. The matter came up after a student, Katherine Evans, was suspended for three days from her school for creating a Facebook page where she vented about the worst teacher she has ever met.

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By Ricky

How to share and post interesting links with your friends in Facebook (4 tips)

How to share and post interesting links with your friends in Facebook (4 tips)

Facebook has become another cool way of spreading news and interesting things on the web. Some even term facebook as the new digg and reddit. But many users are still not aware of this link-sharing feature in Facebook and often ask how can links be shared on Facebook. In this article we will tell you …

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By Debjit

TweetCraft lets you send your DOTA / Warcraft heroics to Twitter

TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft having a number of nifty features. Let us see what all we can do this client.

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By Debjit

Lifestream Backup helps to archive your online identity and data

LifestreamBackup is service that takes a backup of all your online identity and online data for a very nominal fee, so that your online identity, your Lifestream, always stays intact. This online data may include all content from the blogs you author, or may be those huge web albums you maintain at flickr and not…

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By Debjit

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