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Lifestream Backup helps to archive your online identity and data

By Debjit on June 21st, 2009 

lifestream-backup-logoLifestreamBackup is service that takes a backup of all your online identity and online data for a very nominal fee, so that your online identity, your Lifestream, always stays intact. This online data may include all content from the blogs you author, or may be those huge web albums you maintain at flickr and not to forget your email inbox which is always in a beta version. (read: gmail)

You may ask, why do you need to backup your online identity. As you go about using the internet, you tend to store pictures, online credentials, valuable data all online. Professional bloggers have make their living online. Many businesses also thrive online. In case some thing goes wrong (for eg., an account gets hacked or a web service ceases to exist) with a service that you use to lifestream your self, you are at risk of losing your online identity. is your insurance policy against losing all that data.

Lifestream backup currently supports only the very well known services that help you stream your life online such as Flickr, Photobucket, Twitter, Google Docs, Delicious bookmarks, and WordPress blog backup. If you would like to suggest a service that you want to be backed up and is not included in the list above then you can send an email to about your requirement. If the service has an API, The LifestramBackup service team will surely help you out.

service-offered-by-lifestream-backupLifestream Backup has many a unique features that makes it really perfect for this backup kind of job. And what more, all your backed-up data gets stored in the Amazon's Web Servers. Yes, Lifestream Backup is powered by Amazon Web Service - which is a very reliable and highly available web storage service.One tip about the pricing - If you have your own Amazon Web Services account then the service fees of Lifestream reduces by almost half.

According to the Lifestream website, storage and creation of all your account backups are highly secure and fully automatic. Just an initial setup is required. All you are required to use this service is just enter your login credentials for the sites or services you want to backup. You are the owner of your data and even after the backup is over you still remain the owner. All your login and password information is locked away and secure to protect you from hackers and other online threats. Let us know about your opinions regarding this Lifestream Backup service by leaving a comment .


Lifestream Backup helps to archive your online identity and data was originally published on on June 21, 2009 - 2:25 am (Indian Standard Time)