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Canonical’s Unity Interface Off To A Rocky Debut

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat is off to a good start with positive reviews everywhere. However the same cannot be said of the Netbook specific version of Ubuntu – Ubuntu Netbook Edition. UNE 10.10 is off to quite a bad start – because of the Unity interface. Unity is a new interface introduced in Ubuntu Netbook…

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By Ricky

iPad’s First-Day Stutters: Problems Charging Over USB and iPhone App Upscaling

The underlying problems, things like the lack of multitasking, expandability, the anemic iBookstore selection–all that stuff has been covered in the initial reviews. It’s something else entirely to actually have an Apple iPad in your hands, playing with it–you’ll discover quirks that only come from use, and the internet community has been very vocal about…


By Ricky

How to fix the ‘Can’t view PDF files within Google Chrome’ problem?

How to fix the ‘Can’t view PDF files within Google Chrome’ problem?

Here are two tips that might help you fix the ‘Can’t view PDF files within Google Chrome’ problem.

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By Debjit

How to fix the headphone sound problem in HP laptops in Linux?

HP Laptops in the series dv-5, dv-6, dv-7 and some HP minis have a strange problem in Fedora 10. When you plug in headphones, the sound still continues to come out the speakers as well as out the headphone jack. And In Fedora 11, no sound actually comes out of the plugged in headphones. In…

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By Debjit

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