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3 Things You Must Do When You Expand Your eCommerce Store

Dedicated Servers for e-commerce websites

Most of the time, you can set up an eCommerce store for a relatively low cost. The overhead is not that significant compared to other businesses, and you have tremendous freedom to customize your eCommerce store however you want. Initially, you’ll be able to keep the costs quite low. But as your business base expands,…

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By Debjit

PHP 5.4 To Have A Built-In Development Web Server

PHP 5.4 to have a built in webserver

Well, here is some really good news for the PHP Development community. Till now (as of PHP 5.3) all developers had to set up a web-server environment such as Apache in order to test all their PHP codes. Not only this, apart from installing the server environment developers also have to configure the necessary modules…

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By Adam

How To Set A Proxy In Google Chrome Separately? [Not Using Internet Explorer Settings]

How To Set A Proxy In Google Chrome Separately? [Not Using Internet Explorer Settings]

Google Chrome does not have any browser specific proxy settings. When you try to set a proxy in the Google Chrome browser, you are shown the system wide proxy – settings dialog, the one which is used by Internet Explorer to detect change in settings. For example, you won’t be able to browse the Web…

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By Debjit

Microsoft-Sponsored GNU/Linux-Hostile Site,, is Powered by GNU/Linux

Microsoft — or perhaps someone else whom Microsoft definitely pays — has created, where Microsoft apparently tries to promote itself and ‘embrace’ the FOSS world (here is the latest interview). In the homepage, the site also links to the company’s anti-GNU/Linux pages (“compare” site). How demeaning. Notice the footer which clearly states: “How Software is Built is…


By Ricky

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Servers

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Servers

There is a good news and a bad news. The good news is that your business is expanding and growing at a pretty fast pace. And the bad news is that the pace is just too fast for your good old email solution to handle and deep down you already know that it just won’t…

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By digitalcoconut

Guide to Google DNS – browse the web faster [How-To]

Guide to Google DNS – browse the web faster [How-To]

DNS (Domain Name Servers) serves as the Internet’s phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup just like you would look up a phone book before making a telephone call. The faster the Domain name look ups resolution are, the faster your web pages will load. We have already…

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By Debjit

How to change the default port and IP address for a website in Microsoft IIS web server?

In this article we will tell you how to change the default port number and IP address for a website in Microsoft IIS web server so that you can add more websites.

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By Debjit

5 More Interesting Facts About Facebook

Earlier we did an article on “9 Interesting facts about Facebook and its users”. This article can be considered as a sequel to that article. Here we present to you five more interesting facts about Facebook. So here goes five interesting facts about Facebook:

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By Ricky

How to change the default error document pages in Squid?

Squid is one of the best caching web proxy servers out there. Although it provides a number of  amazing features but the default error page which is served by Squid is very basic and does not look good. So if you are a system administrator you may like to customize or change the default error…

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By Debjit

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