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How To Use Cakephp Sessions In External PHP Script?

CakePHP Sessions

CakePHP is a fantastic framework that lets you build any website from grounds up and that too very quickly. Although CakePHP provides all the built-in functions required for various works on a website but at times it happens that you need to access some CakePHP elements from an external script. For instance, in this article…

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By Adam

How To Fix “421 Cleartext Sessions Not Accepted” Error In Filezilla?

"421 Cleartext Sessions Not Supported" Error in Filezilla

The FTP server on lot of web hosts is configured for FTP Over Explicit TLS/SSL. This is when you start getting weird errors when you try logging into a FTP server of such a domain without specifying proper protocols. One of these errors is “421, Sorry Cleartext Sessions Are Not Accepted On This Server”. And…


By Debjit

How To Save & Restore Tabs / Last Session In Internet Explorer?

Find out how to save and restore tabs in Internet Explorer. Using this tip you can restore your last browsing session in Internet Explorer.

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By Debjit

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