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GNOME 3 Does Away With The Maximize And Minimize Buttons


If you remember the development leading up to Ubuntu 10.10, you might remember the outcry over the decision to shift the windows controls buttons from the right to the left. Well, GNOME 3 is going for something more extreme – they have decided to actually remove the maximize¬†and¬†minimize buttons all together. This decision was announced…

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By Ricky

Canonical’s Unity And GNOME Shell Becoming More Alike?

Canonical’s Unity And GNOME Shell Becoming More Alike?

Today I saw a mockup of GNOME Shell and cannot believe at how much it looks like Unity, the UI which Canonical is developing for Ubuntu Netbook Edition. Have a look :

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By Ricky

GNOME team answers some questions about GNOME 3.0

GNOME 3.0 which is due for release in September 2010 has been getting some bad press for quite some time now. We did an article about the new GNOME Shell that is making its way into GNOME 3.0 a couple of months ago. If you judge by the response we got to that article from…

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By Ricky

How to install Gnome 3 Shell in Fedora linux?

How to install Gnome 3 Shell in Fedora linux?

The Gnome Shell redefines user interactions with the Gnome desktop. It offers new ways for the user to find and open applications and documents, switch between various activities, and view incoming information such as chat messages or system notifications. You can check out this full featured screen shot tour of Gnome Shell. In this article…

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By Debjit

How To Install Gnome 3 Shell in Ubuntu Linux?

Recently, we wrote an article giving you a visual tour of Gnome 3 Shell. If you want to experience it first hand, we will tell you what you how to do it in this article. Just to start off here is a screenshot of the Gnome 3 Shell:

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By Ricky

Visual Tour of GNOME 3 Shell in Ubuntu

Visual Tour of GNOME 3 Shell in Ubuntu

GNOME 3 is the much talked about next generation GNOME that was supposed to come in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

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By Ricky

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