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How to choose a wireless broadband plan

Gone are the days when broadband internet connection were exclusive to wires. Thanks to the evolution of 3G and recently, 4G the scenario has changed drastically and wireless internet is now a different beast altogether. With 3G and 4G you can have speeds as high as 3.6 mbps to 100 mbps, all without wires. But wireless freedom comes at…


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WiGig Alliance releases detailed specifications for its 60 GHz wireless technology, promises to support 7 Gbps transfer speeds

The WiGig or Wireless Gigabit Alliance completed the initial set of specifications for its 60GHz Wireless Technology, which is all set to raise the bar for wireless connectivity to new heights. The WiGig wireless technology will be using the frequency of 60 GHz in order to communicate as compared to the current best wireless technology…

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4 tips to stay secure on a wireless network

4 tips to stay secure on a wireless network

Wireless networks have become a necessity and an essential part of any computing environment. They provide portability and versatility to your network usage. But when it comes to security, there is no way to guarantee that you will be completely secure on a wireless network. However you can take certain precautions while connecting to a…

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Facebook Connect powers Wireless Internet Access at Airport

Facebook Connect powers Wireless Internet Access at Airport

Facebook Connect has been in the news for quite a some time now after it`s launch with all web gurus talking  about strategies and tips for it’s implementation on websites for connecting users and building up a social platform. You should read this if you still don’t have a clue about Facebook Connect. A number…

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