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Google’s Les Paul Doodle Cost More Than 10 Million Man Hours

According to RescueTime, an analytics service, users on Google’s homepage spent 26 seconds more than normal on the two days that the Les Paul doodle was present. Using that we can estimate the amount of wasted manpower because of the doodle.

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By Zenobia

Google Celebrates 80th Anniversary Of Alam Ara: First Indian Movie With Sound

80th Anniversary of "Alam Ara"

Alam Ara is the first Indian motion picture which had sound. The name “Alam Ara” means The Light of the World. This movie released on March 14, 1931 at the Majestic Cinema in Mumbai and was so popular among viewers that Police aid was required to control the crowd. Now, Google has paid tribute to…

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By Debjit

Google’s Innovative “2011 Holidays & Christmas” Doodle [Video]

Google’s Innovative “2011 Holidays & Christmas” Doodle [Video]

Google has come up with it’s best doodle ever for this year’s holiday season. The latest doodle on Google’s homepage is a wonderful design that took over 250 hours to complete with 5 artists working full-time on the Doodle!

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By Debjit

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