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Google’s Innovative “2011 Holidays & Christmas” Doodle [Video]

By Debjit on December 24th, 2010 

Google has come up with it's best doodle ever for this year's holiday season. The latest doodle on Google's homepage is a wonderful design that took over 250 hours to complete with 5 artists working full-time on the Doodle!

Google "2011 Holidays & Christmas" Doodle

Google "2011 Holidays & Christmas" Doodle

This Google Doodle basically is a set of 17 holiday scenes across the world and has been piled up together to form a kind of Season's greetings card. On moving your mouse over each of the scenes, the picture of the scene expands and on clicking each one of them, you are taken to a different search result page each time. Here is a awesome Video of the Google 2011 Holiday doodle which we made for you as a demo 🙂

PS: The music that plays in the background of the video above is Hydrate by Kenny Beltrey. And do not forget to check out our Amazon Kindle giveaway this new year 🙂

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