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Google’s Les Paul Doodle Cost More Than 10 Million Man Hours

By Debjit on June 14th, 2011 

Last week Google put up one of their best doodles till date - a guitar - in honor of guitar legend Les Paul. The doodle was a huge success - bigger than even the Pac Man doodle. But did you wonder how much time was wasted because of the doodle?

According to RescueTime, an analytics service, users on Google's homepage spent 26 seconds more than normal on the two days that the Les Paul doodle was present. Using that we can estimate the amount of wasted manpower because of the doodle.

According to Alexa, Google gets around 740 million unique visitors per day. So, if each of them spend an extra 26 seconds, that is a total of 19.2 billion seconds or 5.4 million hours wasted on a day. Because of people's reaction, Google decided to put up the doodle for an extra day. So, that in effect means that the Les Paul doodle wasted a total of 10.8 million man hours.

If you remember the Pac Man doodle, it wasted an estimated 4.8 million man hours on the one day it was up for. So, that makes the Les Paul doodle the costliest Google doodle till date.

Another awesome Google Doodle which you might want to see is the New Year 2011 & Christmas Doodle. If you missed it, Google has put up the Les Paul doodle permanently at


Google’s Les Paul Doodle Cost More Than 10 Million Man Hours was originally published on on June 13, 2011 - 10:46 pm (Indian Standard Time)