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WordPress Launches Google Chrome Extension For A Faster Blogging Experience

Blogging website has come out with an extension for Google Chrome which provides a faster blogging experience to users. With the new extension, one can now post to a WordPress blog easily with just a click of a button and get updates from those you follow as well as notifications without having to open…

 Google   News   Wordpress  

By Debjit

Google Open Sources Sky Map

Google has announced they are releasing the source code of Google Sky Map to the public. Google Sky Map is an Android app which users the phone’s sensors to act as a window into the cosmos. Originally created by some Googlers during their famous 20% time, Sky Map allows users to point their Android device…

 Android   Google   News  

By Ricky

Google’s Anti-SOPA Petition Garners Support Of 7 Million People

Google's SOPA Petition signed by 7 Million people

A staggering 7 million people signed the online anti-SOPA petition initiated by Google in just 24 hours, confirmed a Google spokeswoman. The petition was available to sign on Wednesday, linked from Google homepage, meant to increase awareness about the SOPA and PIPA acts currently under consideration by the U.S Congress. The Google petition came in…

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By Debjit

Use Your Smartphone To Login To Google On A Public Computer

With the raise of smartphones, QR codes are becoming quite ubiquitous now a days. We see them everywhere – on newspaper ads, on packaging of food items etc. However most of the usage of QR codes remains the same – to share a web link that users can scan with their phone and visit. Google…

 Google   How-To   Security   Tips & Tricks  

By Ricky

Appointy: Keeping New Businesses Around The World Busy – From Bhopal (India)!

Appointy - Seamless Integration With iOS, Android and other mobile devices

Finding new clients has never been easier for SMBs, thanks to Appointy, a new SaaS appointment scheduling start-up based in Bhopal. Operating in over 78 countries and being used by over 19,000 businesses, this online scheduling software helps SMBs find clients and keep their appointment books full, and businesses running. Appointy uses social networking platforms…

 India   Reviews   Startups  

By Debjit

Cyberoam Report: Yahoo, Facebook and Gmail More Prone to Spam Attacks

A special feature report brought out by Cyberoam, the innovator of identity based UTM solutions, reveals that around 70% of spam attacks were on Yahoo (27%), Facebook (23%) and Gmail (19%). The first of its kind Internet threats trend report has been prepared in collaboration with Cyberoam’s partner, Commtouch. The report highlights how email accounts…

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By Debjit

How To Install Google Currents From Outside The US [Android/Rooted]

  A few days ago Google launched Google Currents – an app that provides a magazine like reading experience. Unfortunately for those who live outside the United States, it is available only in the US. In this article, we will explain how you can install Google Currents even if you are outside the US. Note:…

 Android   How-To  

By Ricky

Verizon Blocks Google Wallet on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Google Wallet Logo

Global broadband and telecommunications giant Verizon might be looking to monopolize mobile payment platforms, which is why it is not including the Google payments app Google Wallet on its latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy Nexus has been developed by Google and Samsung, based on the former’s Android operating system. Instead of using…

 Google   News  

By Debjit

Google Releases The Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” Source Code

Earlier today, Google has dropped a pleasant surprise when they released the source code of Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” to the Android Open Source Project. After announcing Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” about a month ago, Google promised that unlike its predecessor – Android 3 “Honeycomb” – it will be open sourced. Although, Google did not…

 Android   Google   News  

By Ricky

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