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WordPress Launches Google Chrome Extension For A Faster Blogging Experience

By Debjit on January 31st, 2012 

Blogging website has come out with an extension for Google Chrome which provides a faster blogging experience to users. With the new extension, one can now post to a WordPress blog easily with just a click of a button and get updates from those you follow as well as notifications without having to open the WordPress tab altogether.

Download Extension for Google Chrome Browser Extension for Google Chrome Browser

The main functionality of the extension is for receiving notifications whenever someone starts following a user’s blog or when someone likes one of their posts. But apart from this, a user can also start following a particular blog on WordPress using the extension, or even a website and get updates about it.

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Building on the Reader tab feature recently introduced by WordPress, one can follow more number of websites and blogs with the extension. The Reader tab keeps updates from all your favorite websites and blogs in one place and the extension only seeks to simplify this. Through the extension, if one clicks the follow button, new updates will automatically be added to the Reader, and a mail will also be sent for every new update that is published. A user can also choose to opt out of receiving these mails by changing the email settings.

With the extension, one can follow blogs from Blogger, Tumblr and similar services as well, except whenever a user clicks on a site, the extension icon will turn blue. Users can post to any of their blogs with the pop-up editor, which allows for small notes to be jotted down, and even accommodates longer posts. Adding images, links and other media is also as simple as doing it from the actual website.

The blogging site has been bringing out many new features in the past couple of months, the Reader tab and Stats tab on the homepage being the just few of the many changes brought out by

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