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Start-up websites struggle with speed issues on tablets and smartphones

With the tablet and smartphone revolution taking over the age of PCs and desktops, companies have also had to redesign their strategies in order to be more compatible with the changing scenario. Startups face the heat of this transition more than the well-established companies in terms of keeping their sites speedy even on mobiles and…

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By Debjit

Safer Internet Day 2012: Making The Web Safer For Kids And Adults Alike

Safer Internet Day 2012

One can never be too sure when it comes to the World Wide Web and safety is a concern for all parents with kids who frequently use the Internet. This is why the concept of Safer Internet Day, which is today, is of vast importance. The idea of Safer Internet Day started in2004, targeting children…

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By Debjit

Major changes To Take Place In The Internet In 2012

The Internet is set to witness a phenomenal change in 2012 with 5 major changes under way, having the potential to modify Internet history like never before. A technical upgrade is going to happen from Internet Protocol version 4 to version 6 and key Internet infrastructure and operations contracts controlled by the U.S federal government…

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By Debjit

AdBock Plus To Not Block All Ads

Ads are one of the main reason we get so much free contents on the internet. However, because of intrusive ads, browser extensions to block ads have been very popular. However, one of the most widely used ad-blocking software – AdBlock Plus – has announced that they will no longer block all ads. Instead of…

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By Ricky

Learn How To Remain Secure On-Line

Learn How To Remain Secure On-Line

Security has always been a persistent issue on internet. In this article, we will cover such security issues, what actually may cause them and suggest ways around such issues.

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By Nihal

World IPv6 Day On June 8 – Google Prompting Users To Test For IPv6 Readiness

This coming Wednesday (June 8, 2011), around 300 websites – including Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Bing – are testing the IPv6 readiness of the internet. For 24 hours “test flight”, these participating websites will offer their contents over IPv6. The test will consist of the participating websites publishing their DNS AAAA record and connecting IPv6 capable…

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By Ricky

Apple iPad Officially Launched In India

We had already speculated about Apple officially launching iPad in India on 28th Jan, a couple of days back. Well, Apple just did it! Although it is not the rumored price of Rs. 26,000 but the Apple iPad will be available for purchase in India for a price of Rs. 27,900 onwards. However, iPad 2…

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By Adam Shut Down – The Dark Side Of Internet Businesses Shut Down – The Dark Side Of Internet Businesses – a blogging platform – was recently shut down by it’s web host Net Burst for reasons not known fully as of yet and this can be termed as one of the dark faces of Internet businesses.

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By Debjit

ICANN Starts Approval Process For .XXX Domain

The International Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN in short, has given the initial approval for the creation of a top-level .xxx domain dedicated to pornography.

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By Ricky

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