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IBM Contributes Symphony To The Apache Project

IBM Contributes Symphony To The Apache Project

Tomorrow IBM will announce the donation of the source code of their free office suite – IBM Lotus Symphony – to the Apache

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By Ricky

How To Install LibreOffice 3.4 In Ubuntu [11.04 & 10.10]


LibreOffice 3.4 was released a few days back with new features and improvements. In this article, we will tell you how you can install LibreOffice 3.4 in Ubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu 10.10.

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By Ricky

Why OpenOffice Going To Apache Foundation Makes No Sense At All


Yesterday, Oracle finally gave up control of OpenOffice and handed it to the Apache Software Foundation. However, the reality of the situation is that the Apache Foundation is not the best place for OpenOffice.

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By Ricky

LibreOffice And OpenOffice Will Not Merge


By now you must be familiar with the circumstances leading to the formation of The Document Foundation and LibreOffice. If you are not familiar read our earlier coverages here and here. After most of the former OpenOffice developers went away to LibreOffice, LibreOffice has been going from strength to strength. Major Linux distributions like Ubuntu,…

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By Ricky

Install Faenza Icons For LibreOffice [Ubuntu]


We have covered LibreOffice extensively on Digitizor. Recently a stable version of LibreOffice had been released and it has replaced as the default office suite in Ubuntu 11.04. However, if you have switched to LibreOffice and use the insanely populard Faenza icons, you would have noticed that it uses the same icon set for…

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By Ricky

And So The Exodus Begins – 33 Developers Leave

And So The Exodus Begins – 33 Developers Leave

After Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, fell into the hands of Oracle, as did a lot of other products. So, last month a few very prominent members of the community decided to form The Document Foundation and fork as LibreOffice, possibly fearing that it could go the OpenSolaris way.

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By Ricky

OpenOffice Forked As LibreOffice

Today the OpenOffice community made a big decision to break away from Oracle and have formed The Document Foundation. Development for OpenOffice has been going on form about a decade now under Sun Microsystem. However, after Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystem, the community have decided to fulfill the promise of independence mentioned in the original…

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By Ricky

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