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Install Faenza Icons For LibreOffice [Ubuntu]

By Ricky on February 8th, 2011 

We have covered LibreOffice extensively on Digitizor. Recently a stable version of LibreOffice had been released and it has replaced as the default office suite in Ubuntu 11.04.

However, if you have switched to LibreOffice and use the insanely populard Faenza icons, you would have noticed that it uses the same icon set for both and LibreOffice. If you want to have a different icon set for LibreOffice, funnyguy has created just the right icons.

To install the LibreOffice Faenza icons, first download the icon set. You can download it using the command given below.

$ cd /Downloads

$ wget

Now extract the icons with the command,

$ tar -xjvf 138339-libreoffice-faenza-icons_V2-1.tar.bz2

There are two ways of installing these icons. You can either install them for all users or just for your current user. To install it for only the current user, execute the following command:

$ ./install-icons /home/[user_name]/.icons/

Remember to replace [user_name] with your proper user name.

If you would rather install these icons for all users of your system, execute the following command:

$ sudo ./install-icons /usr/share/icons/

That is all there is to do. Now open LibreOffice and see the new icons. 🙂


Install Faenza Icons For LibreOffice [Ubuntu] was originally published on on February 8, 2011 - 8:30 pm (Indian Standard Time)