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Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” Has Been Officially Released


For all the Ubuntu users out there, after three alpha and two beta releases, Canonical has finally released Ubuntu 11.04, codenamed Natty Narhwal” today. Ubuntu 11.04 is based on Linux kernel and has the much talked about Unity interface. The Unity interface is based on GNOME 3 and builtĀ usingĀ Compiz. It is a radical departure…

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By Ricky

How To Install GNOME 3 Shell In Ubuntu 11.04 Using The Ubuntu GNOME Remix PPA

Ubuntu 11.04 With GNOME Shell

GNOME 3 has a new UI called the GNOME Shell. With Ubuntu 11.04, however, Canonical has decided to go with its own UI called Unity. Earlier we wrote a post on how you can install GNOME Shell in Ubuntu 11.04. In this post, we will tell you how to do it using the Ubuntu GNOME…

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By Ricky

How To Install Ubuntu 11.04 In VirtualBox With Unity 3D Working


VirtualBox is certainly a great tool to try out different stuffs that you would not normally do on your primary computer such as installing the latest unstable Linux distributions etc. However, with Ubuntu 11.04’s Unity UI, testing using VirtualBox has been rendered rather ineffective because VirtualBox did not support 3D acceleration that is required for…

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By Ricky

How To Enable Transparency And Shadows In Unity 2D [Ubuntu 11.04]


Yesterday we wrote about how you can install Unity 2D in Ubuntu 11.04. By default, Unity 2D does not have compositing enabled. So, with Unity 2D you will not get the shadows and transparency effects. Having compositing disabled is a good idea for older systems. However, some of us use Unity 2D only because it…

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By Ricky

How To Install Unity 2D In Ubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal”


The Unity UI in Ubuntu 11.04 will runi in only hardware capable of 3D acceleration. That leaves out quite a lot of users who uses Ubuntu because it can run quite well on less powerful machines. Moreover, some graphics drivers (the ATI proprietary driver) has problems with Unity. If you fall in either of these…

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By Ricky

List Of Most Useful Unity Keyboard Shortcuts For The Power User

Workspace 1_001

With around a week left till the final release, Ubuntu 11.04 is shaping up to be one of the most radical Ubuntu releases till date. One of the biggest change in Ubuntu 11.04 is the new Unity interface that will come by default. In this article, we will list some of the most useful keyboard…

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By Ricky

How To Update To The Latest Ubuntu 11.04 ISO Using zsync In Windows


If you already have a recent ISO of Ubuntu, you can update it to the latest ISO quickly using zsync. However, if you are stuck with Windows for some reason and need to update the ISO, you can download the new ISO using either the direct download or torrent. However, although zsync is not available…

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By Ricky

5 Out Of 11 Participants Crashed Unity In Canonical’s Study

ubuntu logo

Today the results of the Default Desktop User Testing for Ubuntu 11.04 was published by Canonical’s Rick Spencer. The test was done using 11 participants from different backgrounds to test the new Unity interface that that Ubuntu 11.04 will have. The test was interesting in many ways. One of the main reasons I found this…

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By Ricky

How To Install Gnome 3 Desktop In Ubuntu Linux? [via PPA]

Gnome 3 looks so awesome!

Gnome 3 is now finally available. However it will take some time before major Linux distributions start integrating Gnome 3 Desktop into their systems. Mean while, you can try Gnome 3 using a Live CD for your favourite Linux distribution. In case you are looking to install Gnome 3 Desktop on your Ubuntu 11.04 system…

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By Adam

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