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Microsoft’s New Logo For Windows 8 Takes Us Back To Windows 1.0

Windows 8 Tile Logo

All these years, we have been waking up to new stuff and new changes in technology. Each day there is something new happening in the tech world. With Windows 8 to be launched very soon, Microsoft has finally unveiled an all new logo for the Windows 8 operating system. The new Windows 8 logo is…

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By Debjit

Accessibility Features Updated For Windows 8; To Be Launched In Public Beta Version

Windows 8 Logo

While Microsoft fans eagerly await the launch of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on February 29th at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft has revealed details about improvements made to key accessibility tools in the OS, namely the Narrator and Magnifier. The Narrator started as a simple tool designed for those who are…

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By Debjit

Microsoft Reveals Windows 8 App Store & Advanced Power Management Features

Microsoft today revealed the first exclusive list of games which will be available in the preview version of Windows Store for Windows 8 Metro. The public preview of the app store along with the ‘Consumer Preview’ of the Windows 8 OS will be launched in late February, and one can expect some more high profile…

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By Debjit

Microsoft To Bring Out A New Filesystem In Windows 8 – ReFS

Software giant Microsoft is all set to launch an all new file system, ReFS with its next operating system Windows 8, in late 2012. ReFS stands for Resilient File System, and has been designed to meet Windows storage needs – having shared storage pools across systems, ability to large volumes and a resilience to corruption….

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By Debjit

Windows 7 Kicks Out Windows XP From The Top Spot In Terms Of Usage

Windows 7 is now the worlds most widely used OS

Well, its not official yet, but Microsoft’s Windows 7 has now become the most widely used operating system. The user share of Windows 7 just surpassed that of Windows XP recently for the first time since it was first launched in October 2009. This is really a good news for Microsoft as the company has…

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By Debjit

Windows 8 Certification Requirement Might Create Problem For Booting Linux

Windows 8 Certification Requirement Might Create Problem For Booting Linux

Microsoft has recently released the developer preview of Windows 8. Windows 8 represents a complete overhaul of the traditional Windows user interface and it has everyone excited and talking about it. However, there are certain aspects of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system that users should find worrying – especially those who support free and open source…

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By Ricky

Windows 8 Metro UI Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 has been finally released, users will gradually start making a switch to this all new operating system from Microsoft. With the new Metro UI in Windows 8, some controls have changed and they have changed for good. However, given the fact that the Metro UI in Windows 8 is specially meant…


By Debjit

Microsoft Drops Flash In Favor Of HTML5 For Metro Internet Explorer 10

Flash is considered the bane of web technologies. Apple had been shipping their products Flash-free for some time now citing the impact on performance that Flash brings. It appears that Microsoft too is going in that direction. Dean Hachamovitch, the lead of the IE Team at Microsoft, has announced on a blog post that Metro…

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By Ricky

Windows 8 Will Have An App Store

Microsoft is all set to introduce a new app store for Windows 8. The Windows 8 app store, which is simply called Store, will be the exclusive channel for the distribution of Metro Apps. Metro Apps are those fullscreen touch-screen friendly apps that is being introduced in Windows 8. Unlike the classic Windows applications, they…

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By Ricky

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