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5 Essential Windows Applications That Every Internet User Needs

By Debjit on September 13th, 2012 

There is such a plethora of windows applications available these days, it’s difficult to know which ones to have and which not to. There are many great applications to help with everything from improving photography to gaming.

However, it can sometimes be easy to get caught up with what apps you would like for your PC, whilst sometimes forgetting the apps that are essential for its smooth running. With this in mind, here are a few apps that no internet user should be without.

Adobe Reader

This wonderful piece of software developed by Adobe Systems allows users to manage, print and view files. PDF files are found all across the internet on millions of sites. Without Adobe Reader, you’ll be unable to view or use these files. The latest version from Adobe is Adobe 9 which includes Adobe Presenter.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader

Antivirus software

Internet security is becoming more important with every passing year. Whilst to many this may sound like stating the obvious, there are millions of devices across the world that either don’t have any level of antivirus software, or an outdated version that isn’t up to the job.

Anti-virus software can stop identity thieves, allow you to surf the net safely and stop your computer from being infected. Threats continue to evolve every year and as such it is of the utmost importance that your antivirus is updated regularly.


The 2012 buzzword is definitely the ‘cloud’. Dropbox offers independent storage that will keep your files safe in the event of a tragedy with your laptop or PC. What’s more, you can then access your files from any other computer via logging into Dropbox online.

Its synchronization software also means that you can connect to other users and share your files with ease. This great piece of technology is a mustfor anyone who works and stores their work on a PC or laptop.

Download DropBox now!

Password Managers

A few years ago remembering a password wasn’t an issue. However, in 2012 many of us have more passwords than we can’t remember. The result of this being that some people will use the same password for every device or opt for easy to remember password, thus making the device more vulnerable to hackers. Password managers allow you to opt for far stronger passwords
and different passwords for every device without the added worry of having to remember each one individually. You can then store all of your passwords in one very secure database with one master password to manage them all.

Adobe Flash Player (AFP)

The brainchild of Macromedia AFP allows the users to watch videos and live stream. Games and GUI (Graphic user interface) also rely on Adobe Flash. Flash isn’t perfect though and can be buggy, over the coming years expect it to be replaced by HTML 5, which will be able to iron over the current cracks that are inherent with AFP.

Some people will want to pay for upgraded versions of these apps; however, most won’t as there are acceptable downloads that will suffice available for free. In the case of security software, AVG Free is a great alternative to products such as Norton if you’re strapped for cash, leaving you with no excuse to leave your PC, online banking software etc. all safe and secure.

Author Bio: Kerry Butters is a writer at Broadband Genie, the consumer advice site for finding the best broadband offers.


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