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4 Best Mac OS X DC++ Clients [Yosemite, Mavericks]

DC++ (Direct Connect Plus Plus) has been one of the most used Direct Connect clients for the MS Windows platform and a s a matter of fact, DC++ holds more than 90% market share among all the Direct Connect clients that currently exist. However, for this article Windows is not our concern but Mac OS X is!…


By Debjit

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Here is a list of the best Android, iPhone & iPad apps for getting free live cricket scores on your mobile phones. You can also get scores using SMS & IFTTT!

 Google   Mobile   Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Debjit

Download Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview

Microsoft has released the Developer Preview of the Internet Explorer 11 and is available for download in 14 languages including English. Developers as well as users can download the Developer Preview of the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 in order to try out the new browser and also to test their websites or web-apps for any…

 Downloads   Microsoft  

By Debjit

[Full List] Apple Giving 25 Top Paid Apps & Games For FREE – App Store 5th Yr. Anniversary Celebrations

Apple App Store 5th Year Anniversary

Looks like Apple is celebrating the 5th year anniversary of its App Store by making many top paid apps and games available for free to users ahead of its 5th year anniversary for Apple’s App Store on July 10, 2013. Although there has not been any official communication from Apple regarding this as Apple does…

 Apple   iOS   Lists  

By Debjit

3 Easy Ways to Get to Grips with Windows 8

Windows 8 Start Screen

So, it’s here, Windows 8, what the company is calling “a new era of PCs” and what is undoubtedly the biggest shakeup to hit your desktop or laptop PC in the past decade. In many ways, Windows 8 represents a bold break from predecessors such as Windows 7 and Windows Vista, most clearly seen in…

 Lists   Microsoft  

By Debjit

3 Things You Should Know Before Switching to Windows 8

Windows 8 Metro UI Laptops

After the epic fail we know as Vista, Microsoft needed to send its sweethearts some candy and flowers. Windows 7 helped, but customers remained leery about how the aging giant can compete in the new age of mobile technology. Enter Windows 8, an experience unlike any other on a desktop computer. What’s So Different About…

 Lists   Microsoft  

By Debjit

Google Takes a Step towards the Future through Google Glass

Google Glass Photo

Google brings back face-to-face interaction without taking away our connectivity to the world wide web through Google Glass.

 Google   Opinion  

By Debjit

5 Reasons Why Android Need Not Fear the iPhone 5 (iOS 6)

Android Logo

The Apple iPhone 5 is here. Should Android fans, developers and phone manufacturers be concerned?

 Apple   Google   Opinion  

By Debjit

One Thing That Needs To Be Fixed On Mail Immediately

Send button in is NOT a button, but a Link

So, I finally got my prized [email protected] email address. I am kind of really liking the refreshing new look of Hotmail, err So far so good, after signing in I went ahead to compose a test mail. After I was done, I got stuck and was unable to find the Send button! After looking…

 Microsoft   Opinion  

By Debjit

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