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Microsoft’s Office 15 to have “touch-mode” to enlarge ribbon, provide easy typing

Microsoft Office 15

The forthcoming Office 15 suite from Microsoft will, according to a select few who have access to the Technical Preview of Office 15, have “touch-mode” to help enlarge the ribbon interface along with other UI elements which are there in apps. The feature has been introduced by Microsoft is a number of applications through a…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

Motorola wins patent infringement case against Apple

Apple halts iCloud push services in Germany

A patent infringement case involving Apple’s iCloud and MobileMe push mail services in Germany against a European patent owned by Motorola, as gone in the favor of the latter. A court in Germany had ruled that Apple infringed on Motorola’s patent and that the services in question must be halted in Germany immediately. Apple has…

 Apple   News  

By Debjit

Microsoft says Google bypassed privacy settings in Explorer too, fails to mention similar violations by Facebook or Bing

Internet Explorer 10

Last week, Microsoft announced that Google had been circumventing privacy settings on Apple Safari, violating user privacy by placing cookies that track users on the web. This week, Microsoft has gone further and attacked Google again for having done the same with Internet Explorer’s privacy settings as well. The company released a blog post this…

 Google   Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

Apple Seeks to bring iOS Into OS X, Chooses Twitter Over Facebook

Mac Twitter App

The developer preview of Apple’s next OS version for Mac is now available, just seven months after the launch of the OS X Lion. The next bug-cat themed desktop operating system from the company is called OS X Mountain Lion and will be available for full download by consumers this summer, according to Apple. Once…

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By Debjit

Adobe Flash To Be Available Only On Google Chrome In Linux

Adobe has never provided proper support for Flash on Linux. In fact, they only introduced the 64-bit build of Flash in July last year. Today, they have announced that they will no longer release future versions of Flash on Linux – except as a part of Google Chrome. Since 2009, Google has been working together…

 Google   Linux   News  

By Ricky

Microsoft seeks to revive MSN through buzz portal msnNOW

Software giant Microsoft is trying to revive its MSN web portal, once very popular amongst users, which had lost its charm, with Facebook and Twitter ruling the social space now, has. The company has launched msnNOw, which the company hopes to make the one stop search engine and shop for the latest buzz and breaking…

 Microsoft   News   Social Media  

By Debjit

Google Drive Screenshot and Logo emerge on the Internet

Google Drive Logo

Google says it will be coming out with its Google Drive soon, although the exact date of launch has not been revealed yet, meaning it could be months before we actually get to see Google Drive in action. But for now, two screenshots have emerged online which give us insights into the possible logo and…

 Google   News  

By Debjit

Microsoft’s New Logo For Windows 8 Takes Us Back To Windows 1.0

Windows 8 Tile Logo

All these years, we have been waking up to new stuff and new changes in technology. Each day there is something new happening in the tech world. With Windows 8 to be launched very soon, Microsoft has finally unveiled an all new logo for the Windows 8 operating system. The new Windows 8 logo is…

 General   Microsoft  

By Debjit

Accessibility Features Updated For Windows 8; To Be Launched In Public Beta Version

Windows 8 Logo

While Microsoft fans eagerly await the launch of the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on February 29th at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft has revealed details about improvements made to key accessibility tools in the OS, namely the Narrator and Magnifier. The Narrator started as a simple tool designed for those who are…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

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