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Happy 17th Birthday Debian (And some interesting history)

By Ricky on August 17th, 2010 

17 BirthdayHappy 17th Birthday Debian! You rock. Keep up the good works.

- The Digitizor Team

Debian turns 17 today. Yes it has really come a long way from being Murdock's pet project back in 1993 to being the distribution on which the most popular Linux distribution, Ubuntu, is based on now.

I know we do not write a lot about Debian here at Digitizor. But, hey, we do write a lot about Ubuntu and Debian is to thank for Ubuntu.

You can show your appreciation for Debian by thanking a developer or the community - Debian Appreciation Day (Thanks to a Slashdot commentator for this)

Anyway some interesting facts and history about Debian:

Ian Murdock
Ian Murdock
  • Debian was started in 1993 by Ian Murdock while he was studying in Purdue University.
  • It was called The Debian Linux System initially.
  • Debian is named after Ian's girlfriend at the time Debra Lynn and himself. (Debra + Ian)
  • All of the Debian releases are codenamed after characters from the movie Toy Story.
  • The unstable distribution of Debian is called "sid" after Sid Phillips the main antagonist in the first Toy Story movie.
  • One of the most well known Open-Source advocate, Bruce Perens spent two years as the Project Leader of Debian.
buzz and woody from toy story
Buzz and Woody
  • We have said it before but, Ubuntu, perhaps the most recognizable Linux Distribution today, is based on Debian. This only goes on to show how solid Debian really is.
  • The Open Source Definition was first created as Debian Free Software Guidelines.
  • A dispute between Mozilla and Debian in 2006 led to the rebranding of Firefox as Iceweasel in Debian.
  • Debian has been officially ported to more than 10 architectures and there are around eight unofficial or unstable ports.

Feel free to add more in the comment.

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