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Hosting ReviewsGurus: Independent Customer And Expert Web Hosting Reviews

By Debjit on May 30th, 2010 

Websites, Blogs, Mash-ups, Online Identity, Web 3.0 and of-course Web 2.0 are some of the new generation Online Media tools that have become bare necessity for anyone in this world - be it an individual or a big business - everyone needs the web these days to get their work done. What lies beneath is a strong and reliable Hosting Solution provider that hosts all the above mentioned web based applications. Today we will tell you about one such Web Hosting Reviews portal that provides independent customer and expert web hosting reviews.

The portal Hosting ReviewsGurus classifies all hosting services into various categories and services so that users can easily go to the Web Hosting Reviews and service providers listed under one particular category. The various categories have been listed as below:

  • Free Linux Hosting
  • Windows Shared, Linux Shared
  • Virtual Private Server, Linux VPS
  • Semi-Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Servers, Linux Dedicated Server
  • Managed Servers, Colocation Servers
  • Linux Cloud Hosts, Windows Cloud Hosts
  • Reseller Linux Hosts
  • E-Commerce, Corporate Email, WSS Hosting, SSL Certificate, Domain Names

Many good hosting service providers have been listed in each category along with a summary of the review and some discount coupons wherever a discount is available. For instance take a look at the image above which lists Hosting providers in the dedicated hosting providers zone. There is also a blog which features expert advice and articles on a wide range of topics such as how to go about choosing a web host for your needs, difference between hosting types and schemes and tips and tricks to get more out of your hosting services. In addition they have also setup a Forum where users can discuss their issues.

Now coming to the section which lists Web Hosting Reviews for any particular hosts, this section has been done very well in order to allow user / visitors to easily access the reviews of the webhost provider they are looking at. The review has been classified into five different sections viz. overview, Expert Review (where experts review the service of that particular host), Reviews by existing customers and users, Coupons & Offers (if available). Another good thing is the listing of various plans from the provider right on the portal. User ratings are allotted to each host on the basis of uptime, customer support and Tech support. You can see this screen shot below:


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