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How to recover your deleted Twitter messages ?

By Debjit on November 27th, 2010 

tweletedTwitter has given rise to many more useful twitter based applications. Tweleted is yet another web based  application that makes use of the Twitter API in an intelligent way. The developers of this app claim that they do not store any message which users delete. Results are obtained by comparing the results from the main Twitter API with those from Twitter Search. If you want that your deleted tweets should not appear on, then you must read this entry on removing deleted updates from search.


In order to receive your deleted tweets all you need is to key in your username and hit Search. In a few moments you will be presented with the tweets that you have  already deleted. Any result that appears in the latter but not in the former is likely to have been deleted!

Since Tweleted makes direct use of the Twitter API, you can only issue around 100 requests per hour to their API. A search on Tweleted can use up to 15 of those straight away, so after a few searches you'll find yourself hitting that limit. Also, the retrieval of deleted tweets is so easy that you could actually retrieve any one’s deleted tweets by just keying in their Twitter username. Here we have just found out a few tweets that famous Tech Blogger – Amit Agarwal has deleted!


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