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How To Install Google GMail Video Chat In Linux? [Ubuntu, Debian]

By Debjit on September 9th, 2010 

Gmail Videochat comes to linuxGMail recently announced the availability of GMail Video Chat for linux platforms too! In this article we present you with a 4 point guide that will help you set up your Linux system for GMail Video chat in No time! The Video chat feature for GMail in Linux is currently supported only on Ubuntu and Debian based systems. (RPM releases to come soon RPM Version of the plugin is now available).

1. As with Windows and Mac, you have to download a Linux compatible plugin for GMail videochat. You can either download the Linux Plugin for GMail Videochat from the Videochat page or download it directly from this link. [.DEB File, 5.6 MB Download, 32 Bit]. Looking for the 64 Bit version instead? Click here [64 Bit]

2. After the download is over, you can double click the .DEB file you just downloaded to start the Package Manager and install the plugin.

3. The Installation requires a dependency: libglew 1.5. But you need not worry as your Ubuntu / Debian package manager will handle it for you.

GMail Videochat plugin installed in Ubuntu

4. After the installation is over, make sure you restart your Browser for the settings and new changes to take effect. Bingo! you can now start Video chatting with you friends and your Grandmother right away from  Linux too 🙂

Gmail Videochat in Linux


How To Install Google GMail Video Chat In Linux? [Ubuntu, Debian] was originally published on on August 20, 2010 - 10:18 am (Indian Standard Time)