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Setting up port-forwarding on the DareGlobal DB108 ADSL Router

By Debjit on July 12th, 2009 


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DareGlobal DB108 is the router which I have been using, since my last Huwaei MT841 Router broke. Now, this temporary replacement which my ISP has done for me, has put me in a fix. The DB108 is one of the most crappy routers I have ever seen. Only one LAN port. No WireLess. My dogs can`t surf internet on the backyard now ;-). The Web interface (via is really useless. It provides only the basic Information about the router and allows you to change the passwords and router IPs only. Thats it.

You can`t port forward your router from the default  interface you need some hacks. For, p2p users and home website hosters, unavailability of port-forwarding will be nightmares. Although, I am not into much of p2p but yes my home PC hosts 3 websites, one is my personal space and other is an unofficial Fedora Linux Distribution Mirror. I checked but didn`t find any instructions for this particular modem.

So, heres my cheatsheet to beat the DareGlobal DB108`s unfriendly WebUI. The only thing you need to hack the DareGlobal DB108 and set-up port-frowarding is a telnet client, which comes pre-installed on WinXP,98,2000 and Linux Systems. Vista users need to install it separately.Simply go to Control Panel>Programs And Settings>Windows Programs. Then select the Telnet Client and click OK. It takes considerable amount of time to get the telnet client installed on the Windows Vista. So far so good.

1) Open the telnet client by issuing this command at your shell/command prompt:


Linux Users- type it in your shell (bash, ksh,etc...) and press enter. WinXP,98,2000,NT users goto run, and type command and press enter. In the command prompt windows which opens up, type the telnet command. WinVista users, goto start > accessories > run, then follow the step for WinXp..... in the previous line.

2) Enter your username and password. Default username is admin and the default passwords may be anyone of the following four:


3) Navigate to:

6. NAT >  1. Virtual Server > 1. Add

select 1 there and press enter. The screen that comes up next, will ask you for details like Service Name (Put nething ne characrter in it like: p2p, apache etc...), then it`ll ask for Protocol [0-tcp&udp,1-tcp,2-udp,3-icmp] (1) : select 0 for p2p and other peering networks, 1 for apache like servers, 2 for media streaming, 3 if you host your mailbox at your home itself,, then it will ask for ports: say you want to forward port no X, then enter X in all the next 4 fields. then enter your LANP IP (i.e. on the comp, where you will be using p2p or apache). then press enter. Come out to the main screen by selecting exits at the proper end pints, then slect 12. Save and Reboot and press enter.

4) Change your port settings accordingly on your p2p client, here`s a quick reference about ports- Apache 80, Secure Apache 443, ftp 21/22, p2p any port > 1024. Don`t use a port no. less than 1024 for p2p purposes. Open ports are  a hacker`s honey pot. So if you don`t need any port, better close them. You can check my HOW-TO on Scanning and Closing ports here.

Update: I got a new D-Link 2640T Router, which I must say has got a very out-of-the-box user friendly UI. I mean geeks with a laptop never want this versatile a UI 😉


Setting up port-forwarding on the DareGlobal DB108 ADSL Router was originally published on on June 12, 2009 - 2:12 pm (Indian Standard Time)