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How To Setup VirtualHosts, Multiple Websites in XAMPP Apache Server?

XAMPP Control Panel 3 Beta

XAMPP provides a full blown Linux Apache MySQL server installation and is a very good way to seup LAMP architecture on your Windows PCs. Although, XAMPP is available for Linux distribution as well, but is not used often as LAMP packages are readily available on Linux distributions. In this article we will talk about how…

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By Debjit

How To Fix “Module php5 does not exist” Error In Apache & Linux?

PHP Logo

Sometimes installing PHP via the regular method does not help you install PHP properly and even after following the standard methods of installing all you get when trying to enable the PHP5 or the PHP module is this error: ERROR: Module php5 does not exist! Scratched your head enough already? Well here is a simple…

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By Adam

How To Fix The “UID of script is smaller than min_uid” Error in Apache / Linux?

When you transfer your files from one server to another it might be quite possible that you also copy the permissions and ownership of the files from the originating server to the destination server. In this case you can possibly run into huge permission issues which can lead your website to not display properly if…


By Adam

How To Setup & Install MongoDB, PHP & Apache On An Ubuntu Server

MongoDB Logo

In one of our recent website app projects, we planned to use MongoDB as our main database. Since we are hardcore PHP guys, we do not even think of developing in some other language although we love Python a lot! In this article we will tell you in a step by step manner, how to…

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By Adam

Why Corporations Favor The Apache License Over The GPL/LGPL

Why Corporations Favor The Apache License Over The GPL/LGPL

The GNU/LGPL is very popular among independent developers and companies which mainly deals with open source software. The Apache License, on the other hand, is favored by the big corporations for their open source projects. In this article, we take a look at the difference between this two licenses to find out why.

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By Ricky

Percentage Of Websites Using Microsoft IIS Down To Pre-1998 Level – But Does It Reflect The Reality?

Percentage Of Websites Using Microsoft IIS Down To Pre-1998 Level – But Does It Reflect The Reality?

According to Netctaft’s Web Server Survey, the percentage of websites using Microsoft’s IIS is rapidly decreasing. Netcraft’s survey covers a total of more than 340 million websites.

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By Ricky

Why OpenOffice Going To Apache Foundation Makes No Sense At All

Yesterday, Oracle finally gave up control of OpenOffice and handed it to the Apache Software Foundation. However, the reality of the situation is that the Apache Foundation is not the best place for OpenOffice.

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By Ricky

Twitter ditches MySQL for Cassandra

According to Ryan King, a software engineer at Twitter, the MySQL database used in Twitter is going to be replaced by the open source Cassandra data management system. Cassandra is a new types of data handling systems that are powering large Web applications, particularly social networking sites which deal with hundreds of thousands or millions…

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By Ricky

Redirect visitors to from and vice-versa in Apache

Redirect visitors to from and vice-versa in Apache

In order to get  maximum Google juice to your website, you should make sure that all your content point to one universal URL. For eg. If you use as your website address then make sure that you set this as the default hyperlink to every file on your server. Then do not use…

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By Debjit

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