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Firefox 5 Benchmarked – Faster And Better Than Ever Before!


Officially, Firefox 5 is scheduled for release tomorrow. However, users of the beta channel have already got their hands on it. We took tested Firefox 5 and benchmarked it against two other browsers – Google Chrome and Opera.

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By Ricky

Firefox 5 Available Ahead Of Schedule

Firefox 5 Available Ahead Of Schedule

Firefox 5 is supposed to be officially available on 21st June, but it seems like it has been rolled out to those who have been using it from the beta channel.

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By Ricky

Firefox 6 For Linux To Be As Fast As Firefox Currently Is On Windows (And Less Sluggish)

Firefox Logo

As linux users ourselves, we have been frequently fed up with the sluggish nature of the Firefox browser on Linux. Some time back,we told you about Opera 10 which was a bit less sluggish on Linux but then Google Chrome changed everything. However, for many Linux users Firefox is still the most preferred web browser…

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By Debjit

How To Pin Or Unpin A Website From Windows 7 Taskbar [IE 9]

IE 9 Pinned Tabs in Windows 7 Taskbar

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has a plethora of new and refreshing features such as Pinned Tabs and Desktop Notifications to name a few. Apart from this, IE 9 has a very fast Javascript Engine which renders websites very smoothly. In this article we will tell you how to pin a website to the Windows 7…


By Adam

Wikipedia Beautifier: Get A Better Looking Wikipedia On Google Chrome

Wikipedia Beautifier at action on Google Chrome

Wikipedia is an infinite source of knowledge for us all. But at times the website looks cluttered due to the presence of a lot of links in the left sidebar and at the top. Well, if you are a Google Chrome or a Chromium browser user then here is an extension that you will love.This…

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By Adam

Mozilla Firefox 4 [Final Version] Is Here

Firefox 4

Mozilla Firefox 4 has been released! The download files for this final version of Mozilla Firefox 4 have started appearing in the FTP software repositories of Mozilla. If you have been waiting long for checking out this all new browser from Mozilla, then your wait ends here. You might want to go through our brief…

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By Debjit

Internet Explorer 9 Released – Download Now


After months of beta testing, Microsoft has finally released Internet Explorer 9 today. Internet Explorer 9 is a huge achievement for Microsoft as it represents Microsoft’s intention to provide timely updates and fast development of its browser while supporting the latest web standards. Internet Explorer 9 represents a very big leap from the earlier releases in terms of both…

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By Ricky

Chromium Browser Gets A New Logo; Google Chrome To Follow?

Chromium New Logo

Update: New Google Chrome logo leaked? The Chromium browser has a new identity! While all the users and the Chromium team bids good bye to the 3D-ish logo of Chromium Project, it looks like there is no new build available yet which features the new logo of Chromium. Update: Chromium 11.0.697.0 (Developer Build 77443 on…

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By Debjit

Opera 11 Released – Tab Stacking, Extensions And More!

Opera 11 Released – Tab Stacking, Extensions And More!

Opera 11 has finally been released. As expected, it brings a number of new features – including extension support. It also has a new tab management system, called Tab Stacking, and a faster JavaScript Engine, which Opera claims to be the fastest.

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By Ricky

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