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How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

How To Get Your Facebook Stream In Google+

If you like Google+ but do not want to leave Facebook completely either, one thing you can do is have both opened in different tabs. Another is to get your Facebook stream in Google+ itself. In this article, we will tell you how you can get your Facebook stream in Google+.

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By Ricky

How To Disable Tracking In Google Chrome

Chrome Logo

Almost every website you visit collects information about the user – most of them even pass them on to third parties. The most data is collected by Facebook (via the like-button) and Google (through Google Analytics), both companies create user profiles to server better targeted advertising to the users.

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By Guest Author

Google Testing A New Design For The New Tab Page In Chrome

Google Testing A New Design For The New Tab Page In Chrome

Recently they have made it possible to hide the URL bar and have announced that they are building real time communication capabilities into the browser itself. Google has introduced another new feature in Chrome – a redesigned new tab page.

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By Ricky

Google Chrome To Have Real-Time Communications Capabilities

Google Chrome To Have Real-Time Communications Capabilities

Last month, Google released an open-source project called WebRTC which aims to enables Real-Time Communications capabilities in the web browsers through simple JavaScript APIs. Now, they have taken the first step towards having WebRTC built into Chrome.

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By Ricky

Firefox 5 Benchmarked – Faster And Better Than Ever Before!


Officially, Firefox 5 is scheduled for release tomorrow. However, users of the beta channel have already got their hands on it. We took tested Firefox 5 and benchmarked it against two other browsers – Google Chrome and Opera.

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By Ricky

Google Withdraws Support For Internet Explorer 7 And Other Older Browsers

Starting from August 1, 2011 Google will stop supporting older versions of various browsers like the Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and Safari 3 on all of it’s web based products such as GMail, Google Docs and more.

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By Debjit

5 Chrome Extensions To Simplify Your GMail Usage On Google Chrome


In this article we talk about 5 Google Chrome extensions which will make sending and receiving e-mails via GMail very easy for you and making you more productive without having to open every time you want to check your mail.

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By Debjit

Tip: Always Show The Bookmarks Bar In Google Chrome

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Google Chrome has also done away with the Bookmarks browser which is hidden by default and this is a big turn off for users who user browser bookmarklets in order to access various web services. In this article we will tell you how to always show the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome browser.

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By Debjit

Google Adds Option To Hide The URL Bar In Chrome


There is no doubt that Google is revolutionizing internet browsers with its minimalistic approach. But is there such a thing as too much minimalism? A few months ago Google talked about removing the ever present URL bar and making it contextual – that is it appears only when needed and remains hidden otherwise. Well, it seems like Google…


By Ricky

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