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Google Releases Chrome 14 With Support For NaCl

By Ricky on September 19th, 2011 

Google has updated its Chrome browser in the stable channel to version 14. While increase in version number is not usually a big deal with Chrome because of its frequent updates, Chrome 14 is still an important release.

With Chrome 14, in addition to the usual bug fixes, Google has included two important new features - Native Client and Web Audio API.

Native Client (or NaCl, as it is known as) allows Chrome to run compiled C and C++ applications inside the browser. NaCl uses Chrome's sand-boxing technology to make sure the C and C++ codes are run securely. With NaCl, the performance constrains of JavaScript have been removed and Google says that it will run as fast as any other C/C++ codes on your system. This opens up the possibility of running 3D games and other resource intensive applications from within the browser. NaCl is only supported for apps listen in the Chrome Web Store.

The Web Audio API is currently a draft HTML5 feature. It brings audio features to the browser which can be used with WebGL and Canvas graphics. According to Google,

The API is capable of dynamically positioning/spatializing and mixing multiple sound sources in three-dimensional space. It has a powerful modular routing system, supporting effects, a convolution engine for room simulation, multiple sends, submixes, etc.

With these two new features, Google is now effectively positioning the Chrome browser to take on native applications. With NaCl applications said to be on par with the naive applications performance wise, one of the main drawbacks holding back web apps has been removed.

If you use Chrome, you do not need to do anything - you will get updated automatically.


Google Releases Chrome 14 With Support For NaCl was originally published on on September 19, 2011 - 9:00 pm (Indian Standard Time)