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Hackers Eye Online Carbon Markets

Carbon Trading EU Hacking

A couple of days ago we told you how hackers have found smart ways to control Stock Markets according to their will. Now it’s the turn of the carbon trading markets. We have been hearing about reports that hackers have stolen millions of tonnes of carbon credits from the European Union Emission Trading Scheme.

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By Debjit

How Facebook Responded To Hacks From Tunisia?

How Facebook Responded To Hacks From Tunisia?

Facebook recently noticed some strange things happening to their website in Tunisia such as political-protest pages were being hacked and users complaining someone logged into their Facebook accounts deleted them. After lot of investigation, the Facebook security team took two measures in order to overcome these issues: First, Facebook routed all requests to their website…

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By Zenobia

Hackers Find A New Way To Control Stock Markets

Hackers Find A New Way To Control Stock Markets

Hackers can inject tiny amounts of latency into networks used at Stock Markets which can result in delaying transactions and change the course of trading in the markets. This way they can control the variations in the stock markets as they wish and earn profits in millions of dollars in a few seconds.

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By Debjit

Kinect Hacking: Two More Amazing Kinect Hacks

Evoluce has taken what we saw in Ubuntu to another level. They have developed a full gesture system to control Windows 7. It includes clicking, browsing the media center, web browsing, text input using an onscreen keyboard etc.

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By Ricky

Setting up port-forwarding on the DareGlobal DB108 ADSL Router

Setting up port-forwarding on the DareGlobal DB108 ADSL Router

↑ Grab this Headline Animator DareGlobal DB108 is the router which I have been using, since my last Huwaei MT841 Router broke. Now, this temporary replacement which my ISP has done for me, has put me in a fix. The DB108 is one of the most crappy routers I have ever seen. Only one LAN…

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By Debjit

Broadcast your computer`s start time and shutdown time to twitter

You can use the twitter api, curl, your twitter account and an always on Internet connection to broadcast the start and shutdown times of your workstations. This can be done with the help of this nifty little script.

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By Debjit

SQL Injection – 2 (Fingerprinting)

This is a follow up to the post SQL Injection – An Introduction.  If you are new to this, I stongly suggest you read the introduction first. In this article we shall discuss how to fingerprint the common databases managenet system backend. This forms the first part of a successful SQL Injection attack as different…

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By Ricky

SQL Injection – 1 (Introduction)

In this post we shall discuss a very common method of hacking a website (or rather, a database) called SQL Injection. The object of this post is not to help anyone destroy/deface other websites, but to help you protect your website from such an attack. In this post I shall explain the basics of how…

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By Ricky

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