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Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Here is a list of the best Android, iPhone & iPad apps for getting free live cricket scores on your mobile phones. You can also get scores using SMS & IFTTT!

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By Debjit

Top 5 Things to Know About Images and Your Mobile Web Design

From 2011 to 2012, smartphone web traffic increased a whopping 103% (Hubspot). And, with nearly half of all American adults now using a smartphone according to Pew research, web design for mobile devices has surged in importance. Mobile web design is all about optimizing text, icons, and images for the smaller screen sizes of smartphones,…


By Guest Author

Flipkart To Launch Music Service Later This Month; Lost Market For Apple iTunes?

Flipkart Launching Music Service

Following the acquisition of Mumbai based start-up, Mime360 and also the Bollywod catalogue from Chakpak, Flipkart is now set to launch its music service this month. The immensely popular e-commerce website is now looking to expand its reach and diversify further, taking another step which gets it closer to becoming the of India. Flipkart…

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By Debjit

Start-up websites struggle with speed issues on tablets and smartphones

With the tablet and smartphone revolution taking over the age of PCs and desktops, companies have also had to redesign their strategies in order to be more compatible with the changing scenario. Startups face the heat of this transition more than the well-established companies in terms of keeping their sites speedy even on mobiles and…

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By Debjit

Facebook To Launch Advertisements On Mobile As More And More People Log On

Facebook on Mobile

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and for co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, it has to be more about user experience and less about advertising. Strangely enough, even with this philosophy, Facebook is planning to launch sponsored stories for the mobile version soon. And to not focus on monetization is rather interesting coming from Zuckerberg, considering…

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By Debjit

Indian Government Launches m-Governance Framework

The Indian Government’s has announced the m-Governance framework within the new National e-governance plan, which aims to build on the expansive network of mobile connections in the country and use mobile applications to enable easy access to public services to the general public, especially in the rural areas. The measures laid down within this new…

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By Debjit

Surge in Business Apps – Entrepreneurs & App Developers Go The B2B Way

App developers and those looking to start a business are always wondering what they must focus on and there lies not one definitive answer. Some like Steve Poland would tell you to focus on the problems and start with a space you know. Others might suggest an alternative approach involving doing not only a market…

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By Debjit

Consumers Prefer Websites & Mobile Sites Over Mobile Apps – Reveals Survey

What do you prefer - Mobile site or Mobile app?

One in three online consumers will buy a tablet by 2014. More than 60% of 25-34 year olds own a smartphone these days. With these facts in place, the connected consumer is truly one of the best subjects for analysis. A recent survey by Zmags uncovers the digital habits of this connected consumer who is…

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By Debjit

MyDressMyStyle Makes Mobiles Accessories Fashionable With Colorful Mobile Skins

The mobile market is booming in India, with the availability of more and more phones in the lower price range band. With the rise in number of mobile users, mobile accessories are also emerging as a lucrative business directly connected to the mobile market. Taking advantage of this growth, Atul Mittal’s MyDressMyStyle aims to target…

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By Debjit

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