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Job Posting Suggests Flipkart to Launch Mobile Apps Soon: Is it the Mobile Commerce boom in India?

Flipkart Mobile App - Mockup

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant of Indian cyber space is planning to launch a series of mobile products and apps, signaling the definitive boom in mobile e-commerce taking place in India now. The company recently put up a job vacancy for a Mobile Application Engineer asking for experienced individuals who would be “responsible for the design,…

 India   Mobile   News   Startups  

By Debjit

Starbucks Mobile App Scores Big – 26 Million Mobile Payments In One Year

Download Startbucks Mobile App

If you thought coffee was all that there is to Starbucks, you’re probably wrong. With a number of mobile initiatives being brought out by the company, its name stands for much beyond espressos and lattes. Starbucks has been looking to carve out an identity in the area of digital innovation, and has done well so…

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By Debjit

Norton Mobile Security: Ultimate Protection For Your Smartphone

Norton Mobile Security - Anti-Malware Scan Running

Modern smartphones are no less than computers. They have powerful processors to the tune of 1GHz and are memory hungry. For instance, an Android smartphone would by require atleast 512MB of RAM for smooth functioning. So, with all this huge computing power and capabilities right in side your smart phone, the naturally become prone to…

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By Adam

WhatsApp Now Delivers 1 Billion Messages Every Day!

WhatsApp Logo

So, how many of you reading this post actually use WhatsApp? Well, I do. WhatsApp is one amazing messaging technology for mobile phone devices and tablets that connects users based on their mobile phone numbers. If you install WhatsApp today on your phone, you need not go ahead and find users to add for chat,…

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By Debjit

IDC Forecasts Nearly 183 Billion Annual Mobile App Downloads by 2015

IDC Forecasts Nearly 183 Billion Annual Mobile App Downloads by 2015

International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading global market intelligence and consulting firm, has predicted that the number of mobile apps download is going to increase to an impressive figure of 182.7 billion in 2015 from 10.7 billion downloads in 2010 and 38.2 billion in 2011.

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By Nihal

KDE 4.7 Release Candidate Now Available – GRUB2 Integration, Better Dolphin, KWin For Mobile

KDE Logo

KDE 4.7 is almost here and brings along with it a number of features and performance improvements such as a better Dolphin with a faster file search, ability of KWin to run on Mobile devices, Grub2 integration in KDM and offline search support in the KDE virtual globe – Marble.

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By Debjit

HTML5 Offline Version Of Google Docs Coming Soon – Should Microsoft Worry?

Google Docs

Google will soon release an HTML5 version of Google Docs which will have offline editing capabilities both on the desktop (web based version) and the Google Docs Android app. Should this be a reason for Microsoft to worry about?

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By Debjit

Windows 8 On Desktop, Mobile & Tablets: Welcome To Seamless Experience!

Windows 8 - Concept Wallpaper

Looks like Microsoft has some nice plans for Windows 8 with the devices that it will support. Although not coming directly from Microsoft, but it is now known that Windows 8 will be released in multiple versions which will be customised to run on various kinds of devices such as tablets, mobile phones and not…

 Microsoft   News  

By Debjit

Android Stats: 200K Market Apps, 400K New Activations Daily, Malware Up By 400%

Visualising the world-wide growth of Android

Android is growing at a real fast pace. Given the fact that, more and more manufacturers are taking to Android as the de-facto operating system for their smart phones, this growth is only going to get bigger. At this year’s Google I/O conference (which is happening currently) people from Google shared some very good looking…

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By Debjit

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