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Add your nickname to your Facebook profile along with your regular name

By Debjit on June 23rd, 2009 

facebook-logo1Facebook has always worked their way to make things very easy and meaningful for us in all things social networking. This time they have brought yet another enhancement to make our lives a bit more easier on the web by allowing all users to set a nickname (alternate name) in their profile along with your full name. In this article we will tell you why is this alternate name thing very cool and how you can set a nickname (alternate name) for your self.

Everyone in this world has two names a 'full name' and a 'nickname'. Now people back at your home (or hometown) may very well know you by your nickname but may not know you at all by your full name. And since you have set your name in your profile as your full name they may not find you at all via the Facebook friend search. Now take this case where you set your nick name as your full name. Now your guys from your work won't be able to spto you on Facebook search.

So Facebook has introduced this cool facility of adding two names two your profile - Your Full name (which you may have already entered) and your nick name. Here is how you do it.

  • Edit the Name section by clicking on the change link next to it.
  • You can see that there is an option for adding a Full Alternate Name or a nickname for your profile¬†¬†¬† facebook-add-alternate-name-nickname-to profile
  • You can also choose whether or not to display your nickname on your profile and search results. The changes may take 24 hours to get reflected.


Add your nickname to your Facebook profile along with your regular name was originally published on on June 23, 2009 - 1:10 pm (Indian Standard Time)