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Master Evernote – 10 Tips and Tricks in 2017

Evernote Logo

Wow, it is 2017 already. Evernote has been one of those apps that I will never be able to do away with when it comes to note-taking and organizing my work. Here is my list of best tips and tricks for Evernote. Evernote is not just a note taking app. This claim is true to…

 Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Debjit

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Get Free Cricket Live Scores Using Android, iOS Apps, SMS On Your Mobile Phone

Here is a list of the best Android, iPhone & iPad apps for getting free live cricket scores on your mobile phones. You can also get scores using SMS & IFTTT!

 Google   Mobile   Tips & Tricks   Web  

By Debjit

How To Read Contents Of A File Into A String in One Line of Java Code?

Java Logo

Find out how you can get or store the contents of a text file into a string using the Java programming language using ti quick and dirty tip!

 Programming   Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Automatically Search & Download Subtitles in VLC Player – VLSub

Open VLSub extension in VLC Media Player

Do you watch foreign language films often in VLC Media player and then just when you start watching it you realise that you have to find subtitles! Then begins a battle of searching subtitles for your movies or the TV series videos. By the time you are finished searching for the subtitles on the web…

 Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Take Screenshot in Windows 8 with No Extra Software [Keyboard Shortcut]

Win Key + Print Screen: Windows 8 Screenshot Shortcut

Operating systems like Linux and Apple Mac OS have a nifty feature of a Keyboard Shortcut using which you can take a screenshot very easily without the use of any third-party image capture software. Just hit the Print-Screen button on the keyboard of your Linux or Mac OS X and the screenshot gets captured. However,…

 Tips & Tricks   Windows  

By Debjit

What are Optimal Values of depth & topN for Nutch Crawler?

Apache Nutch project, as you all may know is a very good web crawler out there using which you can set-up your own crawling systems using which you can proceed to setup a search tool for your website that works exactly as Google. I am assuming that you have already downloaded and setup nutch on…

 Programming   Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Motorola Atrix 2 Gets The Android 4.0 ICS Update In India

Motorola Atrix 2

Finally the much awaited Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for the Motorola Atrix 2 phone has been rolled by Motorola in India. The upgrade is a available as OTA (Over-The-Air) which means, you can directly download the update to your Motorola Atrix 2 phone. The update is a 256MB download and you should…

 Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Facebook Pushes “Confirm Link After Like” For Pages Receiving Likes Abnormally Fast

Facebook asks you to Confirm Like Page action

We have recently come across a post which shows how many websites and businesses are wrongfully using CSS and styles to trick users into liking their Facebook fan pages. In this trick, a fake cursor is used to get the user click on a Facebook like Button using the CSS property cursor:none. Thanks to Jack…

 Facebook   Tips & Tricks  

By Debjit

Use Your Smartphone To Login To Google On A Public Computer

With the raise of smartphones, QR codes are becoming quite ubiquitous now a days. We see them everywhere – on newspaper ads, on packaging of food items etc. However most of the usage of QR codes remains the same – to share a web link that users can scan with their phone and visit. Google…

 Google   How-To   Security   Tips & Tricks  

By Ricky

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