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Android 3.1 Update Highlights

By Debjit on May 22nd, 2011 

Google's long-awaited Android 3.1 update is slowly rolling out over-the-air to many devices including Motorola Xoom and ASUS, Acer Tablets will be getting Android 3.1 in June. Android 3.1 refines many of the features introduced in Android 3.0. It builds on the same tablet-optimized UI and features offered in Android 3.0 and adds several new capabilities for users and developers.

New Features -

  • UI Refinements : Improved transitions throughout the system and across the standard apps. The Launcher animation is optimized for faster, smoother transition to and from the Apps list. Navigation to and from the five home screens is now easier.
  • USB Connectivity : Android 3.1 adds broad platform support for a variety of USB-connected peripherals and accessories. Digital Cameras and input devices as keyboards, mice, game controllers can now be easily connected. Users can now attach almost any type of external keyboard or mouse to their Android-powered devices. To make the platform even better for gaming, Android 3.1 adds support for most PC joysticks and gamepads that are connected over USB or Bluetooth HID.
  • Updates set of Apps : The Browser makes viewing web content simpler, faster, and more convenient. Calendar grids are larger, for better readability and more accurate touch-targeting. Contacts app locates contacts more easily using full text search.
  • Wi-Fi Networking : Android 3.1 adds sturdy Wi-Fi features, so that users and their apps can take full advantage of higher-speed Wi-Fi access. For longer connection, there is a facility battery power conservation. Users can also configure an HTTP proxy for each individual Wi-Fi access point.
  • For improved multitasking and instant visual access to a much larger number of apps, the Recent Apps list is now expandable.
  • Users can now resize their Home screen widgets using drag bars provided by the system. The E-mail app has become very useful with this facility.

Hopefully, more features will be added with more updates. And there is Ice Cream Sandwich, the great unifying operating system that will be used for both phones and tablets to see more improvements.


Android 3.1 Update Highlights was originally published on on May 22, 2011 - 5:26 pm (Indian Standard Time)