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Apple iOS 5 : Did I Just Borrow That Feature From Somewhere Else ?

By Debjit on June 8th, 2011 

At the WWDC event, Apple revealed that there would hit a total of 200+ new features in the new iOS which is due for release this fall. Some of these features will help using the iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches easier and more fun. But if you look at some of these so-called 'new and innovative features' you might have seen them somewhere else before. Was it a BlackBerry, Android or a Windows Phone ? I will give you a hint in that case. Let us take a look.


You cannot ignore the fact that Apple directly took inspiration for iMessages from BlackBerry Messenger and did least on its part. BBM gives its users a messaging app that keeps chatting private and exclusive between other BlackBerry users. Similarly iMessage is exclusive for the iOS users. Both BBM and iMessage allow you unlimited characters to text, various types of contents to push, indicate when the other party receives the message and when it responds. So, I do not see any difference here. Do you ?

Notification Center

Got any doubt in here? This one comes straight from Android. Compared to iOS, Android's notification system is way ahead. Apple's users quite envied this feature of Android. Now, with iOS 5, Apple comes with the new notification system. It aggregates all your, well, notifications into one and is accessible by swiping down a menu from the top of the screen. Even the integration of notifications into the lock screen is something which Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S has had for a while.

Twitter integration

The Twitter integration with iOS helps you to use number of apps to make use of your Twitter credentials. You can directly tweet pics from your gallery on Twitter. So, there is a slight deviation but to the unwanted side. Rather than going for integrating all major social platform, Apple goes for Twitter only. A very deep social networking integration is already available on Windows Phone 7. And Android too provides similar facilities - only on a much larger scale which features other social media services such as Facebook as well. So, Apple directly took this idea from Android/Windows Phone and presented with some difference.

Dedicated Camera Shutter

There's now a camera button right on the lock screen! This feature will help to take pics and record videos faster, even if the screen is locked. A Camera app icon now appears next to “Unlock” and users merely have to click the volume-up button to capture an image. This feature seems to be influenced by Windows Phone. Joe Belfiore, Windows Phone 7 product definition and design Head, could not control his feelings and tweeted about some features, he thought, were being copied.


There are a lot of other features coming in iOS5 we have not mentioned but users would already be familiar with. For example, take Safari's new features such as Reader and Reading list? Where have we seen such feature before? Of course, there are already apps that help you with these features - like Instapaper and Readibility.

Some other features are there too which fit this category, for example - Split Keyboard and Newsstand (influenced by Android) etc. These features are among the so boasted features of new iOS 5. Apple is known for their innovation, and for suing other companies that copy their ideas. Now that we see a lot of features have already been copied/stolen, let us see what Apple says about it.

Copying is indeed a bad Karma !!


Apple iOS 5 : Did I Just Borrow That Feature From Somewhere Else ? was originally published on on June 8, 2011 - 9:48 pm (Indian Standard Time)