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Chit Chat For Facebook: A Desktop Based Client For Facebook Chat

By Debjit on May 28th, 2010 

chit-chat-facebookChit Chat for Facebook is an instant messaging client which you can use to chat with your  Facebook contacts without even logging into your Facebook account using a web-browser. Chit-Chat is fast and sports a google-talk kind of look once you successfully sign in to your Facebook account.


Chit-Chat is a very easy way to chat with your Facebook friends. You get notifications about Contacts that come online and the contacts that go offline. You are also notified about new incoming chat messages using pop-ups just like Google-Talk.

All your Facebook contacts are grouped into Online and Offline groups. Well this is one area where this app lags as the Web version of Facebook chat features Group chat using which you can group your contacts.

This app also suffers from a minor hiccup that when you sign in for the first time you may get logged out instantly. But this problem gets rectified on it’s own from future logins. UPDATE: This issue seems to have been fixed with the new version.

You can download Chit-Chat for Facebook from this Direct Link.


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