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3 Differences Between Android And Chrome OS

By Debjit on December 7th, 2010 

Google's Chrome OS and Android are both meant to be run on mobile devices like Tablet PCs, Netbooks and Mobile Phones where the thin line being Android being strictly meant for Phones whereas Chrome OS is for Netbooks and Tablets. This may not be very true for vendors as in the past we have told you about many Android based Tablet PCs! So, let us find out how Google's Android differs from Google Chrome OS.

Google Chrome Differs from Android!

Android Is Built For Touch, Chrome OS is Not!

According to Google, the Chrome OS has been built for people who spend most of their time on the Web. Chrome OS is designed to run on computers ranging from Netbooks to full blown Desktop Systems. Whereas Android is meant only for Mobile Phones and especially for Touch screen devices.

Constant Updates to Chrome OS, but not for Android

If you have used Chrome, the browser, then you may know how fast and how often it gets bug fixes, patches and updates. Same is the case with Google Chrome OS - it will be patched and improved constantly. However, constant upgrades for an OS meant to run on mobile phones will only make the life of users difficult!

Chrome OS won't run Android Apps

Chrome OS will contain just the right amount of Linux in order to support the browser and Web-based applications, but it won't run any applications that are made for the Android Platform just for one simple reason as Android apps are based on a different technology (Java and Dalvik).

A Google Chrome OS Netbook from Google was slated to launch on the 7th December (that is today) but there have not been any words about it yet!

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3 Differences Between Android And Chrome OS was originally published on on December 7, 2010 - 5:41 pm (Indian Standard Time)