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11 Benefits of Using WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that is really useful for ecommerce businesses. This plugin was created in 2011 and is now used by thousands of ecommerce websites worldwide. It is an easy toolkit that lets you sell anything you want online. More than 50% content websites on the internet are powered by WordPress! Recently,…

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By Debjit

Top 6 Tips to Increase Your Conversion Rate When Using an eCommerce Theme

The average conversion rate for eCommerce websites across the board is a little more than two percent. Regardless of the amount of revenue your company generates each year, increasing this rate even a few percentage points can do wonders for your bottom line. Following these quick tips when designing the theme of your eCommerce website…

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By Debjit

4 Major Areas to Research Before Selecting a Web Designer

You may have already decided that designing your own website is a little more than you can handle right now, so hiring a professional website designer is the best investment to make to get the job done right. However, the problem is that you have no idea where to even start when it comes to…


By Debjit

4 Ways How To Use a QR Code For Your Business

QR Code Example

More and more consumers seem to be magnetically drawn to quick response codes with each passing year. One study confirmed that consumers are more likely to scan QR codes if they know that they are going to receive promotional coupons or additional details that are not already provided to them. They also get excited about…

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By Debjit

Hosted PBX- 6 Advantages & Benefits

Hosted PBX System

Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) offers numerous advantages for business owners. By choosing hosted PBX system, business owners will not have to worry about buying and installing any major equipment. Choosing a Phone System  Choosing a telephone system may actually be the most vital technology decision a small business owner must make. Selecting the wrong…

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By Debjit

3 Things You Must Do When You Expand Your eCommerce Store

Dedicated Servers for e-commerce websites

Most of the time, you can set up an eCommerce store for a relatively low cost. The overhead is not that significant compared to other businesses, and you have tremendous freedom to customize your eCommerce store however you want. Initially, you’ll be able to keep the costs quite low. But as your business base expands,…

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By Debjit

How To Exercise with an eReader – 3 Things To Take Care Of

Working out with an e-Reader

Working out is one of the more tedious parts of staying fit, particularly when you’re on a stationary bicycle or treadmill. Watching television or listening to music are two common methods for passing the time. Sometimes, though, you may need to be more productive with your time, or you may not be in the mood…

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By Debjit

4 Things About Checkout / Payment Options for Your eCommerce Site

Various e-commerce Payment Options

When you build your eCommerce site, one of the important things you will have to consider is what type of checkout options your site will feature. There are basic options where you just feature credit cards or you can integrate a third party purchasing option, like Amazon or PayPal. Additionally, you can create user accounts,…

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By Debjit

3 Ways To Keep Customers Focused in Media-Sharing Sales Strategies

Youtube Video Media Sales

The use of multimedia sharing on social media and through personal communications holds more possibilities than ever to expand marketing practices, but it can be questionable as to how effective they really are. Balancing incorporation of new technologies with traditional sales strategies doesn’t have to be difficult, and in the end, is necessary to keep…

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By Debjit

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