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Cloud Computing: Recent News And Developments – OfficeXta, Box For TouchPad, AWS

By Debjit on July 8th, 2011 

Lets take a quick look on some major happenings in the Cloud Computing World over past few days.

OfficeXta Cloud platform now supporting Google

OfficeXta, a cloud-based social enterprise platform is now offering its services to businesses that use Google Apps, Google Chrome Webstore and Google Chromebook Laptops.. The basic edition of OfficeXta is available for free to everyone.

The platform helps a real time integration and collaboration of employees with the business partners, customers and co-workers and all in a minimized cost model. This further supports increase in revenues and sales, and improves employee productivity. So now onwards, employees and clients of 3 million businesses on Google Apps can instantly begin collaborating with each other in the cloud with zero cost.

Box for TouchPad App makes available 50GB of free cloud storage

HP launched recently its TouchPad. has launched Box for TouchPad which makes users available 50GB of free cloud storage for the lifetime of the account. Additional services provided are offering enterprise-grade content storage and sharing to tablets. The features also include :

  • on-the-go accessing and viewing of the files.
  • email enabled sharing of links to Box files and folders.
  • direct uploading of content  from the TouchPad to

The app is available with HP App Catalog. Just a search over there is needed and one can download it from there.

Amazon Web Services lowers Cloud data transfer

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced lower data transfer prices across all its cloud infrastructure offerings. Microsoft Windows Azure had also recently taken a similar step. There is also new lower price scheme available with three storage plans of 1, 2 and 3 PB along with the cut prices of many other plans available before.

There is a continuous increment in the involvements of many companies in the cloud storage market space. So this step of Amazon may have come due to this factor. The notable players heating up the competition being Fujitsu and GoDaddy.

BPOS to Office 365 switch is not possible for now

This is a bad news for the existing users of Microsoft's ill fated BPO. They will not be having the option for switching over to newly launched Office 365, about which they all were excited. The company has shut down any transition for now and has not even announced any date. This has left an air of disgust among the users.

The company says that it will take some 60-90 days before it announces any transition, i.e. no proper deadline is available. Some users also threatened to cut off their BPOS subscriptions so they could sign up for Office 365 immediately. Others are also looking forward to use Google Apps instead, if nothing works for now. We will have to wait for Microsoft to make any further announcements.


Cloud Computing: Recent News And Developments – OfficeXta, Box For TouchPad, AWS was originally published on on July 8, 2011 - 11:45 am (Indian Standard Time)