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Connecting the World with Affordable Phone Calls

By Debjit on January 15th, 2013 

Having friends living far away is common in today's world, making ease of long distance communication an important factor. There are many viable communication methods, with the telephone at the forefront of this. With cheap options available, it is technology accessible to everyone.

A Global Community

The world is a large place, with a population of billions covering its surface. With hundreds of countries and thousands of miles between them, people would be forgiven for thinking that one part of the world has little to do with another. However, despite the distance, the globe is connected in ways that supersede national borders. Over the centuries, as international travel has become increasingly widespread so too have the long distance connections between people. Where once people knew only their local communities, today most have friends or family members living distances away, often as far as the other side of the world.

Modern Methods of Communication

With all the cases of acquaintances and relatives living distances away, it is only natural that traditional methods of socializing have had to be adapted to suit. With physical get together not a possibility, other methods of communication have come to the forefront. Over the years, this has developed, from handwritten letters to today's instant e-mails and even face-to-face video messaging, allowing people ever increasingly to maintain a sense of closeness despite the distance between them. From cheap phone calls to easy internet access, over time technology is helping to ensure that, despite the miles, distances between people get ever smaller.

The Reliable Telephone

One method of communication that has shown remarkable staying power, despite all technological advances over the years, is the telephone. A proven yet simple formula, with one person talking down the line to the recipient on the other end, to this day it is the number one way for people to communicate at a distance, not least for the cheap phone calls options that many are able to take advantage of. Whether land-based or on mobile, in the first world or third world, telephones are a feature that can be found in just about every home, street and pocket.

Keeping it Affordable

Whereas e-mail requires computer access and video messaging an expensive computer or mobile device, the telephone has remained something accessible for all. This goes a long way to explain its enduring popularity. Today a telephone is just as common a piece of equipment in the poorest nations of the world as it is in the world's most advanced cities. The development of mobile technology has helped to further this even more as those areas and countries that never had strongly established landline systems find themselves benefitted by the ease of setting up mobile networks.

With this widespread technology has also come the growth of discounted phone costs. Special cards and deals, aimed specifically at those needing to make regular calls to loved ones overseas, have ensured that keeping in touch is not a financial burden. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, people the world over are able to make use of affordable dialling costs to sustain that which matters the most - their relationships with friends and family.

The telephone is undoubtedly one of the inventions that have transformed the world. Today, it shows no sign of giving up its crown and continues to connect people across the globe. This is made all the easier with affordable phone calls that allow those separated by distance to retain a sense of closeness through telephone contact.

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Connecting the World with Affordable Phone Calls was originally published on on January 15, 2013 - 10:53 am (Indian Standard Time)