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Datacenter overheating causes music service to shutdown temporarily

By Debjit on August 18th, 2009 

Update 4: website is back. User profiles are now accessible. Scrobbles submitting without any glitch. Radio is still not fixed it seems.

Update 3: Datacenter's chillers fixed. Scrobble submissions may start anytime. Website will take take time to come up.

Update 2: Scrobble Submissions have also failed. But you need not worry as your client will cache all your scrobbles and send them to once it is back again

Update: We have received a tip that has already got their engineers working on the chillers that has caused this mishap.

lastfm-logoThe well known music service has temporarily shut down due to an issue with their datacenters  getting overheated. Their website currently currently reports an apology and a minimal description about the situation which being the failure of a chiller leading to a high ambient temperature, leading to 5 other chillers failing. Although the status page shows submissions are working fine, my client here is unable to submit any new scrobbles. Michael says its been already 150 minutes since the incident was first reported.

The website, however does not post any definite time by which the service would get fixed. The graph below shows how all of the four rows used at the datacenter by failed one after another. For further updates and news keep a look on the lastfm twitter page. We will also keep you updated.

graph showing lastfm failure

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Datacenter overheating causes music service to shutdown temporarily was originally published on on May 31, 2009 - 10:10 pm (Indian Standard Time)