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Does Your Smart Phone’s OS Fit Your Personality?

By Debjit on September 13th, 2012 

Given that Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, and Research in Motion’s Blackberry are some of the most widely used operating systems for mobile phones, it’s no secret that each one of them cater to a specific subset of mobile electronics consumers.

Even if we say that people buy their mobile phones according to their needs or depending on how they’re going to be productive with it, it can’t be denied that such reasons are only minuscule compared to this seemingly huge deciding factor on the purchase of handsets. That is, cellular phone models (style) and OS build should fit the user’s personality.

Although there has been no proven scientific basis or any institutional research which says a certain segment of mobile users should only fit within the confines of a specific mobile OS build, it pays to know the preferences of typical users. If you don’t want to be stereotyped, take a look at what a phone’s OS can say about a user’s personality, based on C-Section’s creative rendering.

The typical iOS user

The typical iPhone user sees himself or herself as someone cool and stylish – a high-flying extrovert in most cases. He or she prefers spending money on quality brands and items. Meanwhile, he or she is seen by Blackberry users as a high-maintenance baby; someone who gets spoon fed a lot.

Apple Logo

Apple Logo

This could be because iOS offers mostly straight-on-your-face apps where you wouldn’t need to lift a finger. Android users, on the other hand, see iPhone users as cult followers whose reverence for Steve Jobs borders on diabolatry.

The typical Android user

The typical Android user sees himself or herself as Albert Einstein incarnate; he or she usually thinks she’s too smart to carry an iPhone or a Blackberry on his or her pocket. The phone users usually go after the flexibility and customization the Android OS offers, so typically, they are expected to tinker with apps, have their devices rooted, and have their home screens customized for more ‘swag.’

Android Logo


But alas, iPhone users would automatically tag them as snobbish geeks, while Blackberry users would label them as entry-level smartphone users with not much money to spend.

The typical Blackberry user

The typical Blackberry user sees himself or herself as a high-rolling professional; a businessperson who needs to stay connected at all times. While it is true that RIM has marketed the Blackberry as the best business phone, iPhone users see Blackberry users as old-school critters who don’t want to break the rules or norms as far as phones are concerned.

Blackberry Logo


Android users share the same sentiments to a certain extent by tagging Blackberry OS users as pre-historic dinosaurs, perhaps due to Blackberry phones’ feature phone-like qualities and feel.

Each mobile phone OS build could be good for some people, but ultimately, they aren’t good for everyone. Find a phone that fits your personality just like how you would choose a new car or a new paint color for your bedroom walls.


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