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Edukart Lets You Master Professional Courses Online

By Debjit on January 2nd, 2012 

Education is emerging as a top Internet usage in the India, the world’s third largest Internet economy with 121 million Internet users and 7-9 million added every month. Start-ups are trying to tap this sector and derive maximum benefits. India now has its own educational supermarket in the form of, an online super store of sorts offering different industry relevant certificate courses at affordable prices to students and working professionals looking to enhance their skills and make themselves industry-ready.

Stock Markets Course on

Stock Markets Course on

Edukart is a self-paced learning portal that offers high quality courses in Retail Management, Finance Management, Project Management, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship and more. The options are diverse and across multiple industries, and the Edukart team has unlimited telephonic support for all courses.

The brain behind Edukart is a highly qualified duo – Ishan Gupta and Mayank Gupta, both wanting to create something that has a high impact and at the same time build a scalable enterprise. The target audience for their service is primarily students pursuing higher education and professionals who want to improve on their industry knowledge and better their job prospects.

For Ishan, Edukart is, “India’s Online Super store of educational courses that are high quality and have extremely affordable. Specialized skills and knowledge will increasingly play a crucial role in finding good quality jobs. Currently, there is no place online where one can get all kinds of skill enhancement courses. We are addressing this gap and catering to the inherent need in the market for such courses.”

Within less than a month of operation, there have been a lot of visitors to the website, from metros as well as smaller cities and towns, signaling a positive start for the web service. People have really liked Edukart’s services, and customers have been satisfied with their learning experience through Edukart.

Edukart adds value to learning through three unique features in their service. They have rating cards in place which they believe have the capability to become a standard benchmark in the industry. All students who complete their courses will be given a rating card which is more like an employment rating. Edukart follows a strict numbering policy for the same, and believes recruiters will soon start considering these scores.

The second feature is in the form of licenses to colleges and institutes who can then avail Edukart’s courses for their students and faculty. The third feature underway is DVDs for all their online courses.

With such a unique idea and an expanding presence in the market, Edukart is already making a mark as India’s premier educational superstore.


Edukart Lets You Master Professional Courses Online was originally published on on January 2, 2012 - 8:00 am (Indian Standard Time)