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Facebook Adds Bing Integration & “Remove Friend Request” Option

By Debjit on October 14th, 2010 

Facebook Bing integrationAs the web gets more and more social, Facebook has unveiled two non contrasting options or rather features. Facebook announced a partnership with the Bing search results wherein you can see if your friends have liked a particular search result or not in Bing. This will indirectly help you in deciding how relevant and useful a particular search result is for you. In other words, search becomes more fun when you bring your friends into it.

Here is a screenshot that shows friends liking a particular search result in Bing.A related and more detailed video can be found here too.

Bing Facebook integration

Among the non-contrasting link which we told you about a while ago, we just spotted a new feature in Facebook as a virtue of which you can cancel a friend request right from the profile page on which you hit the Add as friend button to send the friend request. You can see a screenshot below:

Facebook's "Cancel Friend Request" option


Facebook Adds Bing Integration & “Remove Friend Request” Option was originally published on on October 14, 2010 - 6:26 pm (Indian Standard Time)