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Facebook Temporarily Disables Mobile Number & Address Access

By Debjit on January 19th, 2011 

Facebook had recently made an announcement that could have resulted in another uproar over privacy regarding user data at Facebook. It was about Phone numbers and user addresses - from now on developers of third-party apps could access to users’ phone number and current address as a part of the User Graph object.

User privacy concerns at Facebook

Although there has been no major public outcry about the feature yet but Facebook has now temporarily disabled developer access to User's phone numbers and Address which it says is a part of the initial feedback. However, the access will be brought back to developers in a few months again.

The major concern was that Users generally tend not to look at any permissions and provide applications with required permissions even without knowing what they are doing. So one thing which we believe Facebook may be doing is to introduce a granular extended permissions system wherein an user can decide which permission to be given and which not. Currently in order to access an application, an user is required to grant all the permissions asked for by the developer.

via Facebook, Image Courtesy: Flickr / Opensourceware


Facebook Temporarily Disables Mobile Number & Address Access was originally published on on January 19, 2011 - 9:49 am (Indian Standard Time)