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Facebook gets yet another new design

By Debjit on September 8th, 2009 

266px-facebooksvgFacebook is now contemplating yet another design change. This change comes just after almost two weeks of real fuss which was created over Facebook's new Terms and Conditions. This fuss hit the social network major so hard that they had to revert back to their original TnC. And now this  new design change.

The major changes which you will notice are the introduction of a stream in your homepage where all your activity and that of your friends get updated in real time (just like the live feed feature of current facebook). No no more hitting the refresh button. Since the technology is ajax (most probably, unless facebook stresses on this), users on slow internet connections might face a difficulty but the glitch will be a minor one.

facebook new design

Among others, you will see that friend filters have now been placed right on the home page which was previously located in your My Friends page.  Some really good new features are that any pending requests and invites you have will appear next to the "Welcome" greeting at the top of the page and above the publisher, just follow the links to view details, RSVP or confirm your requests and you can now view today’s events and birthdays in the top of the right sidebar on your home page. All your privace settings remain the same i.e. this design revam won't affect any of your already set privacy settings. Should you have any further queries, it is recommended to read the New Design Guidelines. Techcrunch has more live preview images grabbed from the Live conference by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook`s founder.

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Facebook gets yet another new design was originally published on on March 5, 2009 - 6:01 pm (Indian Standard Time)