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Automatix comes to Fedora 9 – FedoMATIX

By Debjit on November 27th, 2010 


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Remember Automatix? Yes the nifty little application that made installing additional softwares on the Ubuntu system a breeze. Here comes the same for Fedora 9, FedoMATIX (v0.1Beta). It currently works on the command line only, but supports more than 60 additional softwares/apps already. The next version, which is due release in 2 months, will feature a GUI and many more softwares and hacks.

The interface of FedoMATIX is totally menu-driven. But users should remember that it is a network dependant software. So having access to the internet is a MUST. Among the 60+ applications that it supports, include Burning and Ripping tools, Virtualization tools, programming compilers, Software development libraries, subversion support, Graphics and scanner utilities none the less, it comes with a copious amount of Multimedia Audio and Video Codecs, Players and Managers. File Sharing utilities, browsers, email clients, network monitors and various security tools such as antivirus and network intrusion detectors will make you networking and internet experience like never before.

FedoMATIX also has built in support for installing Google softwares like earth, gadgets, picasa. It also installs a Document reading related Plugin pack and other tweaks and tools like Flickr foto uploadrs, feed readers and many more.

Go ahead, grab the FedoMATIX Installers in .tar.gz or .zip format. You could also check out the comprehensive lising of available softwares that FedoMATIX currently supports. Please make sure you read the documentation carefully before starting FedoMATIX on your Fedora 9 Box. IDetailed documentation is also provided in the installer packages. Should you have any problems deploying FedoMATIX on your box, please do leave a comment here below this post and we will surely get back to you. You could also mail us directly regarding your querries, with 'fedomatix' as the subject line. Suggestions and Feedback are welcome.

Quicklinks: FedoMATIX Installers in .tar.gz or .zip format, documentation, comprehensive lising of available softwares on FedoMATIX


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