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Firefox 4 Starts Dropping Features As Feature Freeze Nears

By Ricky on September 14th, 2010 

Firefox LogoFirefox 4 is inching towards the feature freeze on 15th September. As the date nears and the pressure to finish Firefox 4 increases, Mozilla are dropping some features, so as not to delay the final release.

They have already dropped Account Manager last month. The Account Manager, as the name suggest, is supposed to take care of the user's different accounts at different websites.

Another feature they have axed is the Inspector. The Inspector is a developer tool - something like firebug. Given the number of unfixed bugs and widget related problems, they have decided to leave out Inspector to focus on the already present Web Console.

Another feature which is likely to be dropped soon is Silent Update. The Silent Update is a new update mechanism for Firefox where updates are downloaded silently in the background, like Google Chrome does. This feature has now been marked as "At Risk".

Even if Firefox looses these features, there are other features still present which should make Firefox 4 a compelling release. Features like Panorama, Sync etc. have made it and will be present in the final release. And of course there is the new JavaScript engine - JaegerMonkey.


Firefox 4 Starts Dropping Features As Feature Freeze Nears was originally published on on September 14, 2010 - 10:01 pm (Indian Standard Time)