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Geosense For Windows: Accurate Positioning Information Of You & Your PC

By Debjit on March 2nd, 2010 

geosenseWe have told you various things about Geo-Location services from time to time. Be it the Geo-Location or location-aware browsing feature in Mozilla Firefox & the Firefox Geo-Location in Maemo, or the Geo-Location enabled Empathy, location-aware features are present in almost every software application that is produced today, simply because location awareness adds to user experience - by providing users more locally relevant content and functionality.

Windows 7 is the first ever Windows OS to have  a Windows Sensor and Location platform (Geo-Location in other words) which enables your computer and applications to adapt to their current environment.  The data for all this generally comes from location sensors -- including GPS devices, WWAN radios, and even triangulation technology. But, Geosense is a Windows Sensor and makes things simpler by providing the Location and Sensors platform in Windows 7 with accurate and reasonably ubiquitous positioning information without requiring or the assistance of GPS hardware, enabling more practical location-based applications and scenarios on Windows 7.

Geosense currently supports Google Location Services (WiFi & IP). More services such as Google Location Services (Cell), Skyhook Wireless (WiFi), Quova (WiFi) & Navizon (WiFi) are soon to be included. You can download Geosense for Windows in 32bit and 64bit versions from the Official Geosense Website.  Geosense has been created by Microsoft enthusiasts - Rafael Rivera & Long Zheng.


Geosense For Windows: Accurate Positioning Information Of You & Your PC was originally published on on March 2, 2010 - 1:32 am (Indian Standard Time)